Open space solar plant “Zonnepark Vloeivelden Hollandia”, The Netherlands


“Zonnepark Vloeivelden Hollandia”, The Netherlands

Bier-Bauconsulting: Project Management

Nominal power: 117 MWp

Technology: partly steel substructure; modules are partly mounted at a height of 2.80 m to 3.60 m above ground

Execution time:  2020


On 21 May 2021, His Majesty King Willem-Alexander, King of the Netherlands, came to have a look at the solar plant, which is so important for his country, and to officially open it.

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Project information

In 2020 it will be the largest solar construction site in the Netherlands with an interesting construction concept:

63 MW of the 117 MW park will be laid on a steel substructure mounted on concrete posts at a height of 2.80 to 3.60 m. The concrete posts with a total length of up to 12 m are driven into the ground up to approx. 9 m.

After installation, the areas under the “roof construction” will continue to be used as a flood basin for the adjacent potato factory.

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