… we solve the problems that can be solved or we find alternatives

Why Bier-Bauconsulting?

You have a project?!

We lead your management team with a regular presence on the construction site – because only there the problems are visible and can be solved right away.

You have quality defects?

We offer fast and targeted consulting services for special construction projects in all parts of the world.

There are conflicts?

We are at your side, analyse the specifications, construction schedule and budget monitoring, and take over the change-order-management.

Realised projects


Solar and wind energy plant, Kingdom of Bahrain

Bier-Bauconsulting: Owners engineer on site // Test facility of the Energy and Water Authority of the Kingdom of Bahrain // Power Solar plant/Wind turbines: 3 MW/2 MW // incl. Administration building // Execution time: 2017/2018