About Bier-Bauconsulting

Core competencies: Management and Consulting

I am Frank Bier.

I am self-employed since 2006 and offer my services in project planning, calculation, project management and quality control.

I gained the basics of my experience during my 15 years of work in leading positions in various public limited companies in the construction industry (road construction, turnkey construction, facade construction) or as managing director of an engineering office for planning.

In the first years of my self-employment, the focus of my work was on construction consulting services in Eastern Europe, especially Russia, as I was able to fall back on a longstanding, good network from my previous activities.

Further projects in Central and Western Europe were added, later on in the Arabic region, where the main focus was on quality management consulting.

Since 2009 another focus of my activities has been in the field of renewable energies.

I lead small and large teams in various European and non-European countries to construct solar plants with 2 MWp or 120 MWp of different technical challenges.

What sets us apart

  • We prefer “go and see” instead of “meet and mail”.
  • We combine analytical thinking with unconventional, results-oriented solutions.
  • We build up a network all over the world in the shortest possible time, which enables us to work on site and makes it easier for us to do so.
  • We lead your management team – with a regular presence on the construction site – because only there the problems can be identified and, if possible, solved in the early stages.
  • We offer fast and targeted consulting services for any solar project and special construction projects in all parts of the world.
  • We make sure that all participants, no matter how many countries and nations and their cultural backgrounds, are involved in the joint success of the project.
  • We strive for an open management structure and use the skills of each individual.

What we do

Turnkey, solar or wind energy –

We manage private, commercial and public construction projects in all phases.

Our services at a glance:
  • Consulting for construction projects
  • Negotiations with clients
  • Project management (with presence on the construction site)
  • Construction time planning
  • Awards including negotiations with subcontractors
  • Budget monitoring
  • Quality Control
  • Acceptance
  • Claims management

Results you can expect

Clear View

The tasks you give us are systematically examined by us.
We submit a solution strategy to you, which is implemented by us in a holistic or supportive manner in sub-areas after discussions in partnership with you.

Improved Management

We form a team, regardless of size and cultural background, into a unit in the shortest possible time, so that the goals set are achieved with the strength of all, but together.

Smart Decisions

We combine analytical thinking with unconventional, results-oriented solutions.

State of the Art

We use targeted instruments, supported by the latest technical and scientific principles, to guide the tasks you set us to the desired success.