Open space solar plant Ma’an – Jordan


Ma’an area, Jordan

Bier-Bauconsulting: Project Management

Capacity of the solar plants: 77 MWp

Technology: Tracker system, assembly of the racks by pile driving

Execution time: May 2015 to August 2016 (16 months)

Project photos


Project information

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Scope of the project:

  • Construction of the infrastructure, e.g. fence, roads, control buildings
  • Assembly of the IdeemaTec tracker including installation of the modules
  • AC and DC cabling including communication from the modules to the transformer/transfer station on the site

Project management tasks:

  • Negotiation and assignment of local subcontractors
  • Management of the site teams
  • Hiring local staff
  • Checking and approval of invoices from suppliers and subcontractors
  • Updating the budget plan
  • Contact and negotiation with local authorities
  • Construction site organisation
  • Monitoring of the construction schedule
  • Preparation and clarification of the invoices to the investors
  • change-order- management

Special features

The project in Jordan was extraordinary and impressive in many ways:

The World Bank’s project financing presented us with new and unexpected challenges.

The project participants came from 7 countries (Germany, South Africa, Norway, Jordan, Portugal, Romania and Bulgaria) – i.e. prejudices had to be overcome, acceptance had to be created and a team had to be formed.

And very important for our work:
We have learned to understand and accept the historical and cultural values of the inhabitants of this region.

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