Roof solar plant Damsdorf, Brandenburg, Germany


Damsdorf, Brandenburg, Germany

Bier-Bauconsulting: Project Management

Nominal Power: 1 MWp, Specific yield: 962 kWh/kWp

Technology: Fixed installation with low maintenance requirements

Execution time: 2012, 2 months

Project photos

Dachsolaranlage Damsdorf 03
Dachsolaranlage Damsdorf 02
Dachsolaranlage Damsdorf 04
Dachsolaranlage Damsdorf 03

Project information

Built-up roof area: approx. 4,800 m²

Number of modules: 13,000 pieces

Assembly: modules laid parallel to the roof on riveted aluminium profiles

Inverter: Siemens Sinvert PVM 20

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